The Earth Belongs to the Lord

The earth as beautiful as it is will one day be destroyed. We have no control over this happening. We did not create it nor can we destroy it. The people on it, yes, but the earth, we can not. Only the Creator can destroy something as massive as a planet.

However, people are destroying themselves by living life the way they want to live apart from the One who created them. We want to be equal to things we don't understand, but when disaster strikes we call out to God in prayer and expect Him to hear us in our time of need. But where is our need of God when things are going well? How long do we think we can play God without any consequences?

People are killing one another for one reason alone because they think they can. In reality we are all losing our minds without our relationship with Jesus. The Bible says in Leviticus 18:22 that a man should not sleep with another man as one does with a woman, but people do. The same goes with women. However, we want what we want regardless of what our Creator wants and on top of all that we still want peace. But God destroyed a nation for the exact thing we do today. Does anyone remember Sodom and Gomorrah? If God destroyed that nation for going against His will, how much more will He do to this country?

The difference between The United States of America and Sodom and Gomorrah is that we know what happened to them and why and yet, we still go on in our sin. A nation founded under God prospers under God, but a nation who forgets God, how much time is left before that nation no longer prospers but comes under the wrath of God. We did not create this planet and the only control we have is in our actions. God gave us a choice, but what we chose whether good or bad has consequences. We can't expect God to intervene on our behalf but live a life the way we want to live and still have peace. No God, No Peace.

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